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FAQ Face Wipes

Do you use any nasties? Are they Natural?

All of our wipes are totally natural and use no nasty Parabens and are sulphate free.

Are your products animal cruelty free?

None of our products and their ingredients are tested on animals whatsoever.Unlike many brands who ‘place’ a cute rabbit logo on their packaging without permission, we are currently pursuing the correct, ethical legal approval before placing any logos on our products. This is a lengthy application process.

My skin is sensitive is that ok?

Our face wipes are suitable for all skin types. Simply refer to each mask product description to choose which wipe will derive the most suitable result, such as exfoliating or moisturising etc. All of our wipes have been dermatologically tested in an approved laboratory for such purposes. This involves testing on over 50 individuals over a 30 day period. No adverse irritation or reactions were experienced by any individuals. However all skin types are different and you may be allergic to some ingredients. Should you feel any reaction to using our wipes then immediately stop using the wipe and wash your face with cold water.

Need to locate a store in a specific region? Simply drop us a line on chat or our contact page and we will obtain the details for you.