what are facial masks?

Fuss Free Naturals face masks are simple to use and easy to remove - less messy than a traditional face mask allowing you time to relax and rejuvenate your skin.

what are silk masks?

Fuss Free Naturals face masks are made using ‘silk’ cotton. silk cotton is the highest grade of cotton and is a super fine material which allows the mask to hug every contour of the skin.

The fineness of the silk allows the formulation to work it’s magic on the skin - no big air bubbles. Invariably cheaper inferior brands will use extremely thick cotton which is difficult to both keep in place and rarely covers all of the skin.

why are there 3 layers?

We decided to use only the ‘best’ available silk cotton and because the silk cotton is super fine it needs protecting within the sachet before use.

So the silk cotton mask has two protective layers that need to be removed, after your first treatment you’ll soon get the hang of it! watch the video too.

how should I apply my mask?

We would suggest fully reading the exact instructions at the bottom of this page - make sure you watch the video too!

how long should I wear my mask?

Masks are generally used at home at the end of the day once you have removed all of your make-up and had a relaxing hot shower.

Once you apply the mask we advise wearing the mask for around 20 minutes.

how frequently should I use a face mask?

There is no set frequency, it’s optional. We have some customers who use our masks ‘every’ day and others once a week.

The most important thing is to enjoy the experience and make sure you have the time to relax too.

what are the ingredients?

Designed to leave your skin feeling smooth, clear and hydrated, our unique formulation is made from only the best natural active ingredients, all without the use of harsh preservatives or sulphates.

For each particular mask please refer to the listed ingredients on any of the listed products

my skin is sensitive is that ok?

Our face masks are suitable for all skin types. Simply refer to each mask product description to choose which mask will derive the most suitable result, such as exfoliating or moisturising etc.

All of our masks have been dermatologically tested in an approved laboratory for such purposes. This involves testing on over 50 individuals over a 30 day period. No adverse irritation or reactions were experienced by any individuals.

should I moisturise after using a mask?

There is no need to use any further moisturiser after using our masks. We would suggest gently rubbing and massaging all of the residual formulation into the skin.

The excess residue can take some time to dry out so if going to bed we would advise massaging all the excess so that the skin is completely dry before going to sleep, or alternatively a warm flannel to wipe away such residue.

are your products animal cruelty free?

None of our products and their ingredients are tested on animals whatsoever.

Unlike many brands who ‘place’ a cute rabbit logo on their packaging without permission, we are currently pursuing the correct, ethical legal approval before placing any logos on our products. This is a lengthy application process.

can I buy your masks in stores?

Yes! Our masks are available in Kmart and other leading Health and Pharmacy stores such as Discount Drug Stores or The Warehouse for all of our Kiwi friends.

Need to locate a store in a specific region? Simply drop us a line on chat or our contact page and we will obtain the details for you.

do you have any specials from time to time?

Specials?! Of course and regularly too! We would suggest signing up for our discount coupon in the top bar of this page and joining us over on Facebook.

We notify all of our Fuss Free Fans about upcoming specials but signing up is really your best option to be first to hear about deals.

do you offer free shipping?

Yes - for all orders, within Australia, over $49, we do not charge for shipping.This is subject to change from time to time.

A flat rate of $7.50 for postage and handling applies per order up to $19.99 within Australia.

A flat rate of $12.75 for postage and handling applies for orders between $20 - $48.99, within Australia.

Overseas? - please refer to the full shipping rates at the bottom of this page for appropriate charges.

can you send my order by express post?

Yes for all orders within Australia, up to a value of $149, express charge will be $15.

Please refer to the table at the bottom of this page for express rates over $149 Orders.

will I receive a tracking number?

You will receive a full tracking number, sent by email within 24hrs of your order, Mon-Fri.

You will be able to track progress online through a link provided to you.

how quickly will my order be packaged and sent?

We package all orders the same day Mon-Fri.

Any orders received after 2pm AWT may be sent the following day, however we try our utmost to dispatch same day at all times.

do I need to be home when my parcel arrives?

No, but should you not be home at the time a card will be left for collection purposes.

We are quite happy to complete any instructions that you notify us of, however leaving parcels by the ‘front door’ is at your own risk.

We do not leave such notes for certain parcels - with extreme heat your goods can be damaged easily. We will contact you if we need to.

will you require a signature on arrival?

Yes. If a parcel goes missing any potential claim made to Australia Post will require sight of signature or non-signature.

If there is no signature and the parcel is lost this allows us to pursue the lost item easier.

which delivery services do you use?

We use Australia Post - parcel and express post.

how long will my parcel take to arrive?

Parcel post can take 7-10 working days.

Express post 2-3 days depending on city or country location.

I live in New Zealand, do you deliver to New Zealand?

Yes most certainly. We use International Air mail with tracking.

Please refer to the full rates listed at the bottom of this shipping page here.

I live in the UK, do you deliver to the UK or anywhere overseas?

We have a large name of customers based in the UK who regularly purchase online through this site.

Our shipping costs are very reasonable and coupled with the ability to bulk purchase smart customers can save big time!

Hot Selling Product

How to use your mask:

Fuss Free Naturals Silk Facial Treatment Masks are made from the highest grade silk cotton resulting in an exquisite, smooth, soft finish to the skin. Silk cotton is a fine delicate fabric so requires some protection in the sachet prior to purchase. As a result the mask has three layers.

Watch our video to get a clear explanation of how to apply:



Fuss Free Naturals Face Mask Instructions

You should follow these instructions, particularly if you are a first time user, to understand which layers should be peeled away and in which order:

1. Open the sachet and gently pull out the folded mask.

2. Unfold the mask to reveal the shape of a face and the cut away areas for the eyes, nose and mouth. The mask has three layers (two outer layers, white and blue, to protect the Japanese silk in the middle).

3. Before applying to the face, gently peel away the shiny white layer to reveal the silk cotton and a second 'blue' protective cotton layer.

4. Stand in front of a mirror. Using both hands, hold and apply both layers to the face, BUT apply the Silk layer FIRST to the face, over the eyes, nose and mouth. At this point make sure you have not applied the 'blue' layer to the skin - looking in the mirror you should see the blue layer as it is now furthest away from the skin.

5. Once the silk cotton is covering the face you will need to gently peel away the remaining outer blue layer. Locate either of the 'cut-outs' on either side of the mask. Holding down the the silk layer in the 'cut-out' area with one hand, peel away the blue layer from side to side, leaving the Japanese Silk in contact with the skin.

6. Discard the blue layer and gently ensure the silk cotton is in flat contact to the skin, pressing away any air bubble pockets so that the whole mask hugs the contours of the skin for maximum effect, especially around the eyes, nose and mouth.

7. Now you can relax for ideally 20-30 minutes. Lying down is optional but may be more relaxing and enjoyable.

8. When finished discard the silk cotton. The face will be still quite moist but if left the skin will naturally dry leaving a smooth silk sensation. If you prefer to remove the moisture, gently use a warm flannel to remove unwanted excess moisture.

Applying your usual face moisturiser is not required as this may mitigate the benefit of our natural formulation.

One last useful tip is to not waste any formulation that may still be within the sachet. Gently rub a finger inside the sachet and use this while the mask is on the face. Alternatively on the face and / or neck after your treatment, the same way you would apply any moisturiser.

It's a beautiful sensation and leaves you with a wonderful sense of well-being.

Caution notes - Should you  experience any reaction whatsoever then it is advisable to remove the mask immediately and discard.

Wash your face and all areas immediately with pure cold water to remove any residue formulation if itching or a reaction occurs. 

Not all skin types are the same and whilst all of our masks have been dermatologically tested in an approved laboratory please use with caution. 

Please consult with your medical practitioner or naturopath if in any doubt. 


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