Ear Candle Product Features:

The Essenzza ear candle range was developed with our customers safety in mind and we are proud to have designed a candle with leading unique safety features to ensure that your experience of using ear candles is enjoyable and beneficial.

Essenzza ear candles have three important features:

1. Filter.

Our ear candles come with a specially designed filter to ensure that no wax enters the ear.

The filter fits snug into the candle and creates a comfortable seal when placed in the ear.

Using an ear candle with such a filter is essential.

2. Protective disk.

We provide a protective disk in each pack of ear candles for extra peace of mind.
Your ear candle should be inserted through the disk provided, filter end first and the disk should rest just below the 'stop' mark placed on each candle.

The protective disk is is designed to reduce the chance of any excess wax running down the outside of the candle to the ear.

The disk should be used at all times. 

3. Stop Ring

On all of our ear candles you will see a specially designed 'stop' mark on the candle about an inch
or so above the base of the candle.

The stop mark is intended as a guide to when your partner assisting  you with burning the candle should extinguish the flame.

The candle should always be distinguished as the flame approaches the stop mark at all times.

4. Ingredients

Here at Essenzza we are committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients to provide consistency in what is a delicate hand made process.

Our candles are made using 100% cotton and high-grade natural beeswax and cotton.

High-grade beeswax is a commodity in high demand worldwide as it is used widely in many cosmetic and natural products. We ensure that only the best quality beeswax is used to make our candles. This ultimately improves consistency in the way that our candles burn during your treatment.

Our cotton is known as a 'butter muslin' style with a delicate weave. The cotton and weave is an important factor in how the candle burns and absorbs the beeswax when hand dipped. The fine weave also produces a consistent air flow for the candles to burn.

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